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Flyboard Air Demo in Naples FL


Shades of the old Buck Rogers!
The board has 4 small turbojet engines (used in RC model aircraft) for lift and 2 smaller ones on the side for stabilization. The backpack is full of fuel (not flotation). There is a remote to control the vertical thrust.
The control of the craft is through shifting one’s balance, along with a computer to aid in stabilization.
The innovative Flyboard® Air represents 4 years of hard work, resulting in an Independent Propulsion Unit that can achieve autonomous flight up to 10,000 feet, a top speed of 150km/h (93 mph) and delivers a range of up to 25 km (15 miles).
This is NOT a computer simulation or edited video. It is 100% real. This takes skateboarding, surfing, sky diving, etc. to a whole new level. I want one, but I know I’d kill myself eventually. ENJOY.
Video Courtesy Atlantic Flyboard


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